How We Work

sptaedit9.jpgOperationally, it is the Core Improvement Team (CIT) of professionals that lead on the raising of educational and attainment standards with key colleagues in member academies and SLE’s . It takes into account local context but endeavours to deliver a consistent responsible strategy in all schools and academies. This approach challenges and supports the local senior leadership team in each school and academy and sets the methodology for improving student attainment.
It is characterised by the following actions:

  • The Chief Executive co-ordinates the work of the core team across all member schools, sets strategies for school improvement, establishes attainment targets and holds the principals to account for the actions of the local senior leadership teams.
  • The Chief Executive quality assures the performance of each academy’s senior leadership team and assesses and monitors the effectiveness of the CIT.
  • The Principals of the member schools and academies meet regularly with the Chief Executive to ensure consistent delivery of senior leadership team principles and practices and to review the strategy for school improvement both locally and across the group.
  • The CIT supports and informs the production of the schools and academies Improvement Plans and Self Evaluation Forms. The CIT development plan reflects the priorities of the group members and is reviewed and adjusted annually against improvement priorities set by the Delta Trust Academies Board and the Local Governing Bodies.
  • The Chief Executive reports to the Local Governing Body at appropriate times throughout the school and academy year. These reports will complement and enhance the School Improvement Partner reports and provide information on the progress of the local institution and the outcomes set by the CIT.
  • The Chief Executive is held to account by the Delta Academies Trust Board.
  • Teaching School Alliance and co-ordinated CPD.

In order to quality assure and support academy local governing bodies Delta Academies Trust operates an Advisory Board which is made up of the Delta Company Directors, Core Improvement Team Directors and Chair persons of each of the Academy Local Governing Bodies. IT meets every 12 weeks to discuss progress and support issues. The Advisory Board also reviews the performance of each academy against key performance indicators as identified in each academy education brief and annual action plan.