Active Fusion bring Olympic Inspiration

18th July 2012

Active Fusion bring Olympic inspiration to 1000's of young people across rossington...

IMG_2252.JPGA team of sport and educational workers are inspiring Doncaster’s children by taking Olympic and Paralympic themed sports to Rossington Pheasant Bank before the Olympic Games start.

The team, from Active Fusion, will be delivering to over 1000 pupils from Grange Lane Academy, Torndale Infants, St Josephs Primary, St Michaels Primary and Pheasant Bank Academy, engaging young people into Olympic and Paralympic Sports, leading the official mascot dance and learning modern foreign languages.

Lindsy James, Partnership Development Manager for Active Fusion said: “As a leading sports coaching, education and training provider we wanted to do something to inspire the young people in the borough to get the most out the Olympic and Paralympic games.".

IMG_2287.JPG“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Doncaster’s children to feel part of the biggest sporting event in the world and we want to make it a memory which will last forever”.

More than 40 Secondary, Primary and Infant schools will experience the Olympic Inspiration events across Doncaster throughout the summer, leaving 1000’s young people feeling a part of the Olympic movement.