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  • Sheffield Institute of Sport

    6th July 2017 - Pheasant Bank Academy

    On Friday 30 June, our children had a fantastic day at the Active Fusion Festival of Sport, held at the Institute of Sport in Sheffield.  The children got a chance to take part in a range of different sports, as well as receiving full marks for their determination, team work and attitude in every activity. The effort, enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown was infectious and was commented on by lots of people throughout the day.


  • Our Seaside Day At The Little Grangers

    6th July 2017 - Grange Lane Infant Academy What a fun day we had! We made pictures of sea creatures with sand and glitter, danced beside the seaside with cre8ive dance academy. We also had some yummy hotdogs and scrummy ice-cream. Even the sun managed to get out a little.
  • Low Sugar Day

    6th July 2017 - Whetley Academy

    All pupils have enjoyed learning about how important it is to reduce the amount of sugar we eat each day.   This morning healthy snacks were sold in the playground and the children also enjoyed a Low Sugar lunch.

  • Year 1 Stay and Make

    6th July 2017 - Grange Lane Infant Academy After their recent visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the year 1 children were challenged to make an animal enclosure with their adults. What a fantastic job they did!
  • KS3 Enrichment - Swinton Lock

    6th July 2017 - St Wilfrid's Academy

    As part of the Oceans 17 theme, we visited Swinton Lock Activities Centre. Students took part in a number of activities including a boat trip, where they could steer the boat along parts of the canal from Swinton to Mexbrough. They also went on a bug hunt, pond dipping and fishing in the canal and caught a number of fish. Mr Wilson said he caught a fish so big it took three to lift it, I think he was telling tales, but Dylan Clark did catch 7 fish (or was it the same fish 7 times?) It was a great day enjoye

  • End of year events

    5th July 2017 - The Parks Academy

    Please refer to your weekly newsletter and if you are a parent of a pupil in Y6, the special events letter we sent home. If you're not sure, please ring us and ask.


    5th July 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    Last night a host of staff, students and their families attended the July 2017 Celebration Evening. With barely an empty seat in the Auditorium, it was fantastic to see so many people supporting the occassion, which celebrated the successes and achievements of our students. Amongst the invited guests were Alumni speakers - one formerly of Hatfield High School, and one formerly of both Hatfield Visual Arts College and latterly Ash Hill Academy - who kindly offered to act as hosts for the Subject Awards. 


  • 'Design a Book Cover Competition'

    5th July 2017 - Serlby Park Academy


    Congratulations to our primary pupils who took part in our latest library competition to design a new book cover.

    Here are the books we have been reading during the summer term when pupils in Year's 3 to 6 visit the library.


    Bill's New Frock by Anne Fine 

    The Turbulent Term of Tike Tyler by Gene Kemp 

    Outlaw by Michael Morpurgo 

    Clockwork by Phillip Pullman 

    Well done to everyone who took part.


  • Weekly Newsletter

    5th July 2017 - The Parks Academy

    Come & see what we have been upto this week.

  • Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside

    5th July 2017 - Grange Lane Infant Academy The nursery and reception children had so much fun at their seaside themed day at Grange Lane. They went paddling in the sea, relaxed on the deck chairs and sun bathed on the sand after a very busy year. They visited their very own ice-cream parlour and hot dog stand and even danced with cre8ive dance academy too. What a fabulous day to remember.
  • JWA students become big fans of wind energy

    5th July 2017 - John Whitgift Academy

    Twenty-five pupils from the John Whitgift Academy visited the construction site for Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, to learn more about offshore wind and the variety of jobs available in the industry.

        The visit was organised as part of DONG Energy's three-year partnership with charity Teach First, which  aims to address educational inequalities in the Grimsby, Hull and Liverpool, particularly focusing on increasing the number of teachers of STEM subjects placed in these areas.
    Race Bank Offshore Windfarm is

  • TWITTER @ashhillacademy

    4th July 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    To keep up to date with what is happening at Ash Hill Academy, you can follow us on Twitter at:

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    4th July 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    On Friday 30th June 2017, our current Year 11 students had their final, 'Leavers' Assembly at Ash Hill Academy. The event was well attended by both students and staff, though some staff necessarily could not attend due to supporting/delivering lessons.

    With images and videos from their time at Ash Hill Academy, the 'Leavers' were treated some fantastic memories and humorous awards as their final farewell as the Class of 2017. We wish all of our 'Leavers' the very best for their futures beyond the academy, an

  • Telephone issues

    4th July 2017 - Mersey Primary Academy

    Should you experience any problems contacting us by telephone, please email : or

  • Telephone

    4th July 2017 - Estcourt Primary Academy

    We are currently experiencing problems with incoming calls to the Academy. if you have any trouble contacting us please try our email address

  • Summer Fayre Update!

    4th July 2017 - Willoughby Road Primary Academy

    The summer fayre was a huge success with a total of £766.28 being raised for the school.  This includes £192.61 that was raised by FLOWR.

    Many thanks for everyones help!

  • Year 7 Carnival Event

    4th July 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    90 year 7 students took part in a carnival experience day with the company Bangdrum. They participated in a wide variety of carnival art from Africa, Brazil and India. Students creates totem poles, rehearsed and performed dance routines as well as musical numbers. It was a great day to show the resilience of De Lacy academy students and a wonderful opportunity for cultural enrichment.

  • Class of 2012

    4th July 2017 - Crookesbroom Primary Academy

    Look where they are now- Crookesbroom Class 2012!

  • OFSTED Inspection

    3rd July 2017 - Rossington All Saints Academy

    The academy has been notified of a Section 8 inspection that will take place on Tuesday 4th July.

    The inspection team are keen to hear the views of parents and have provided a link to a parent questionnaire.


    3rd July 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    To keep up with what events are going to be taking place at Ash Hill Academy, please check our Events section of the website. As soon as an event is confirmed and notified, it will be published on this website, as well as notification Tweets being put on our Twitter feed.