Colleague Testimonies

Leaders from across the Trust meet regularly to share expertise and collaborate on key teaching and learning areas through key discussion points and visits to each other’s settings. Across all areas and specialisms, joint training has reduced staff workload and developed a culture of networking.

Here’s what our colleagues say:


Imagine this… You turn up at work and the first thing you do is grab a nice (or iced) coffee with your office pals before focusing on your day’s work. We understand you. Sometimes it’s not the salary or the job title that makes you want to work somewhere… it’s the culture! #headoffice #realtalk #employeeperspective #community

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Ever wished your students had access to more focus time, so they could truly grasp a topic and express themselves? With Delta, they can! 🤩 Teaching doesn’t have to limit a student’s creativity or put them in a ‘box’ ❌️ Thank you, Jenna, for showcasing such wonderful artwork! #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #artistsoftiktok #studentshowcase #curriculum

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“I have really managed to strike the work balance perfectly”. Here at Delta we encourage all of our staff to have a healthy work/life balance💼🏠 #teachersoftiktok #delta #worklifebalance #fyp #teacherslife

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Working in education can be really challenging and everyday you can feel like you have to give a piece of yourself over to the students that you work with and all you want to be is impactful and help changing shape lives but most importantly enable the students and yourself to have some fun whilst doing it.

I have found since I moved to Delta, I’ve been able to do more than I would have been than any other school I’ve worked with. I just want to talk to you about a few of the things that I have done recently with Delta which I feel that have enabled me to do that. Dallowgill is an outside education experience where I took 20 of my students. We used telescopes to look at some deep space objects. We relaxed around the camp fire toasting some marshmallows after a hard day’s worth of revision.

I’ve helped train some aspiring leaders in how to improve their leadership in science, as well as me been able to help other people I’ve been allowed to pursue my NPQH with the hopes of one day becoming a head teacher.

Most importantly I still have time to kick a ball around, have a meal with my wife and my family and read them bed time stories, which in previous roles I haven’t been able to do. I have really managed to strike the work balance perfectly.

-Kieran Wilson, Science Director

I joined Delta as Vice Principal in September 2018 and it has undoubtedly been my biggest career challenge to date, after my first year, I recognised the change in me as a Senior Leader and believe I have continued to grow. I gave the post serious consideration on the basis that I have never experienced working for a big organisation like Delta Academies Trust. However, the collective vision for changing the culture and developing excellence in teaching and learning is at the heart of the organisation and this marries with my own.

On a strategic level, I believe that being a leader within Delta empowers teams to look at doing things differently in order to accelerate progress and not simply ‘do more’. Adopting an ethos that looks at each student as an individual before creating a collective approach to raising standards are in place is coupled with a relentless approach to moving outcomes forward. A key part of this is that senior leaders are seen to be setting the standards at their highest when teaching and modelling best practice at every opportunity.

The benefit of a large trust is that there are many opportunities to increase your portfolio and take you out of your comfort zone. An example of this is through CPD; I enrolled onto NPQH to develop my skill set and attained the qualification in 2021 and have recently had the opportunity to facilitate one of the new NPQ courses via our Teaching School Hub.  It can also be via the varied aspects of the role a senior leader presents.  However, this is always done with the confidence that someone within the Trust is likely to be an expert in that field and you can tap into that to develop professionally. I feel fully supported, by both my Principal and the Executive Leadership Team, in tackling complacency in teaching and learning to ensure the core values around securing the best outcomes for students are met in a way that is sustainable and not simply a quick fix.

The Academy I work in has undoubtedly seen a shift in standards over the four years I have been in post, the consistency of the Trust wide policy provides a platform from which students can feel safe and thrive. I am proud of the part I have played as part of the leadership team where a change in culture has improved the progress of pupils and seen a shift in engagement in learning on the back of this.

I would, without reservation, encourage colleagues to consider career opportunities within Delta Academies Trust but I suggest that the essential ingredients you need to bring are enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism.

– Kirsty Holt, Vice Principal

I began my career in a Knottingley academy as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT). I quickly found my passion for teaching with a strong desire to grow and develop as an educator. I took advantage of every development opportunity, which ultimately led me to my current Head of Academy role in the same academy where I started.

With the combination of mentoring, professional development offered by the Trust, and further education, I was able to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful Head of Academy. I could not have achieved this alone and am grateful for my fantastic colleagues who helped and challenged me every step of the way. Like they helped me, I aim to do the same for my staff, and am committed to creating a positive and supportive learning environment for staff and pupils alike where everyone can thrive in being the best version of themselves.

Lee Colley, Head of Academy

My journey started with Delta Academies Trust in October 2014 as a temporary Receptionist. I joined whilst I was coming to the end of my Level 2 NVQ qualification in Business & Administration, soon to move on to Level 3. Delta supported my studies which allowed me to complete the course to the end (Level 4). I am extremely grateful for the opportunity of being able to study alongside working full time. After my temporary term, I was offered a permanent position as Receptionist.

I gained the confidence from my Receptionist role to apply for Finance Assistant and was appointed in August 2016. I was working across Finance and Reception for some time, allowing for a Receptionist to be appointed and the new office to be set up. Shortly after this, I was also covering areas of Governance such as Freedom of Information Requests and Subject Access Requests, this was the time when GDPR had been introduced and so I worked closely with teams and Academies to ensure the Trust was GDPR compliant.

My aspirations are to become a qualified Accountant which I discussed in my interview, and they aligned with Delta’s ideas. I commenced my AAT qualification at Level 2, one year after being appointed and I’m now on my last exam of Level 4 to become a qualified Accountant. Delta have supported my studies from Level 2 – 3 and I have attended college 2 evenings a week after work to the end of Level 4. Shortly after passing my Level 2 in October 2018, I progressed to Finance Officer as my knowledge, skills and experience had developed in the role and in studying.

In March 2020 an opportunity at The Vale Academy arose for maternity cover as the Finance Manager. I felt this would be perfect for me as I wanted to develop my experience of working in a Secondary Academy. I applied and was appointed to this role on a secondment basis, working three days a week as Finance Manager and two days as Finance Officer. My secondment ended in February 2021, and I was offered another opportunity as Finance Manager at Highfields Primary Academy until August 2021. This role allowed me to develop my experience of working in a Primary Academy.

After my secondments, I knew I wanted to work in an Academy as a Finance Manager, I enjoyed what the job entailed, the atmosphere, seeing children developing and learning. A vacancy became available at Pheasant Bank Academy to which I applied and was offered the role. I started this role in September 2021 and left my Finance Officer role permanently. It was an exciting but sad time as I was leaving Delta Core Team after seven years but was thrilled to not be leaving the Trust completely. My role at Pheasant Bank Academy is extremely rewarding and I feel it was a great decision.

As Delta have provided me with so many opportunities, I am grateful to continue my career in the Trust. It has been a pleasure to watch Delta grow and to be a part of the Academy conversions throughout my time in the Core Team.

Nicole Kendell, Finance & Office Manager