Trainee Feedback

We understand the challenges that come with training to teach and are experienced in dealing with every kind of issue you may face during your entry into the teaching profession.

As a new teacher training cohort, you will experience a number of new challenges together that we will support you in facing in a professional manner. We recognise the importance of emotional resilience and positive well-being play in academic achievement and will support you in developing these skills.

Here’s what some of our trainees say:

From the moment I walked into the interview for my training year at Delta’s Education House I felt instantly at home. I knew that if I were to be successful at interview that I would choose them over the other providers; the people I met on that first day set the standard for all others who followed, and I haven’t been let down. I have been supported much more than I ever have in previous employment and it seems that nothing is too small for the staff at Delta to sit and talk through with you, from management to cleaners everyone has time for you. The schools are like small families where everyone supports one another and welcomes you in with open arms. I feel very lucky to be a part of the Delta family now and I only hope that it continues for many years as I look for a permanent position to continue my teaching career.

Training with Delta has offered a great blend of on the job training in schools and specialised training from experts within the trust, alongside an engaging university offer from Sheffield Hallam University. During both placements I have felt a part of the school team and have contributed like any other member of staff. Despite training during a pandemic, I feel well prepared to enter the teaching profession as a result of the support and guidance offered through Delta. What is particularly impressive is the consistency of vision, training and teaching methodology across the trust; it feels like a professional and forward-thinking organisation which has high ambitions to provide the best education for its young people.

Since my training has started with Delta my confidence has grown more every day. I was nervous to leave a stable job and have a family to support but I have had so much support since day one so I knew I made the right decision. I was lucky to have my mentor assigned to me, she was also new to the school and head of department but always had time for me and my hundreds of questions. The training days have been online this year but we have still been given the same amount of knowledge and advice and were made to feel comfortable to share our ideas and experiences with one another. It’s nice to know you are never on your own on this journey there’s always other people in the same boat with the same worries and happy to help each other or listen to each other’s rants! I am lucky to have already secured a job in a Delta academy and can’t wait to continue my career knowing I have the support and guidance.

The support has been absolutely incredible, I’ve never once been left not knowing what to do or where I stand. My mentor I can’t praise enough, Delta is by far the best training provider. Although the training has been challenging it has been beneficial and I wouldn’t change it, such a positive atmosphere.

The support from my mentor has been amazing, speaking to other trainees (outside of Delta) it is clear to see how fortunate I am to be training with such a supportive, passionate and inspiring mentor. Staff well-being is important throughout Delta schools, I have felt supported and included with all department decisions from the start.