Case Studies

Expedition Of A Lifetime

34 students from Garforth Academy are supporting international communities at the Cambodia with Camps International 2024.

They will engage with community development work, cultural exchange and complete a scuba diving course.

As a group, they received £3000 from Delta Academies Charitable Trust to make this experience possible.

 ‘Climbing’ Up The Ranks

This is Oliver who studies at Garforth Academy.

He represented Britain at the European and World Youth Championships for Bouldering in 2023 and placed in the top 10.

He received £500 from Delta Academies Charitable Trust to make this experience possible.

Scouting Sensation

This is Theo who has recently finished his studies at The Vale Academy.

He was selected to represent Humberside at the 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea.

He received £500 from Delta Academies Charitable Trust as a contribution to his fundraising efforts.

Dance World Cup: Brilliant in Ballet

This is Olivia who is currently in Year 7 at Rossington All Saints Academy.

She has qualified to represent Team England and compete in the Dance World Cup 2023 in Braga, Portugal. Olivia will be performing solo and duet ballet performances.

She has received £750 from Delta Academies Charitable Trust to make this experience possible.

Ball Hockey Championships

This is Wilson who is currently in Year 10 at Rossington All Saints Academy.

He has been selected to represent Great Britain for Ball Hockey in the Under 16s ‘International Street and Ball Hockey World Championships’ held in Czechia in June 2023.

He has received £500 to make this experience possible.

Gymnastics World Championships

In June 2018, Amelia was selected to attend the IAIGC Gymnastics World Championships in Orlando, USA and a grant from the DACT helped towards the costs of her travel, competition fees and equipment.
Amelia came 18th in the world overall competing against gymnasts from USA, Jamaica, South Africa and many more around the world.
The competition gave Amelia a lot of confidence and since then she has passed her Regional grade 2 competition in May 2019. This November, Amelia is hoping to compete at the British Championships.
Her devotion to the sport is further underlined by her desire to coach younger children, recently passing her judging course and is currently training to be a coach.

World Scout Jamboree

In 2018, Morgan was selected to represent Yorkshire and the UK at the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia USA. He started fundraising to pay for the trip, and approached the charity for assistance. The opportunity would give him time to develop as a leader as well as explore different cultures with the other attendees.
In August 2019, Morgan travelled with other scouts to New York. After a day in New York he travelled onto the World Scout Jamboree site in West Virginia. During the two weeks of the jamboree, the attendees had opportunity to participate in many exciting, cultural and outstanding activities.
Following the jamboree, the group then went onto Washington DC and then flying up to Toronto, Canada where for 4 days they explored Toronto, visited the Niagara Falls and had an amazing BBQ on a tall ship on Lake Ontario.
Morgan said “Attending the World Scout Jamboree helped me improve my teamwork skills and taught me all about the different cultures of the world.”

Top 100 Global Child Prodigy

In 2018, 4 year old Laasya C from Beeston in Leeds was awarded a grant to pay towards music and singing lessons.
At 3 years old, she could already play 33 tunes from memory on the xylophone and glockenspiel, and can now play more than 75 songs that she enjoys performing for her friends, family and pupils at school.
On starting at Park View Primary, it was spotted the she was a very confident and natural performer. Her class teacher said “Laasya just comes to life when she is singing and performing music”.
To help nurture this natural talent, the charity was able to award a grant to help towards to costs of piano lessons and further music lessons. Feedback from these lesson says that she has “trained her ear” to self-correct her performances to make them pitch perfect.
Laasya has since recorded an episode on a popular children’s TV show, and was invited to the ‘Top 100 Global Child Prodigy 2020’ awards in India, after officials noticed her talent.

International Relations

The Delta Academies Charitable Trust has supported over 50 students to partake in international projects and exchanges in countries like South Africa, Kenya and India. Many of these trips focus on improving and developing educational facilities for children less fortunate than themselves.

Successful Function Band: Capacity

In 2014, the charity helped 5 students from Garforth Academy to help them set themselves up as a function band. The grant was used to purchase a PA system for them to take to events as well as pay for a professional studio session to record some demo tracks to send out to potential venues for bookings.
Over the next 2 years, Capacity were playing regularly at a different venues around West Yorkshire, including the DACT Ball in 2014. In 2015, the group had to finish as band members went on to University and Colleges to further their studies.

Aikido Championships

In Summer 2019, Max, Georgia and Austin were selected to represent Team GB at the WSAF World Aikido Championships in San Diego.
The charity helped the family with funding towards competition fees, training sessions and the travel costs to the championships.
All three children competed in a number of different disciplines and came home with an impressive medal haul.
Max competed in the Under-16s category and returned home with five golds and one bronze.
Georgia was in the Under 13s category and come home with two golds, one silver and a bronze.
Austin then competed in the Under 10s and he also brought back with him two golds, one silver and a bronze (and he is only 7).
Max is now training with senior world gold medallists, Paul Carr, Dan White, Andrew Rigby and Laura Beardsmore and is progressing well with the British Aikido Association recognising him as one of the strongest competitors that they have within the team.
“The grant from the Charitable Trust made it possible for all the children to attend and they learnt so much from their experiences at a world class competition. Thank you”