Join a Trust

Delta Academies Trust are a great team. From inspirational leaders and talented teachers to our highly skilled core team, we are passionate about constantly improving and providing the very best education and experiences for our children.

Associate Executive Principal, Delta

Why join a Multi Academy Trust

Delta runs a centralised Trust function across its 53 academies. This core function is comprised of the Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer, Directors, and support staff who provide centralised services across the Trust in all areas related to education and operations. The Core Team delivers centralised services to support academies and ensures consistent working practices and the best value for the entire group.

Our areas of expertise

A team of lead professionals who take responsibility for the quality of provision, curriculum, teaching and assessment, curriculum led financial planning and strategic leadership 
Development and support on overall academic performance, professional development, quality of teaching, curriculum and using technology to maximise learning
Experienced professionals highly committed to providing best value for money. Centralised payroll, pensions and audit services, insurance advice, large scale procurement driving down costs and experts ensuring accountability for every penny spent 
Assessment, analytics and high tech data reporting software and training 
HUMAN RESOURCES /RECRUITMENT: Experienced HR and Recruitment specialists supporting you through all areas including recruitment and retention, induction, performance management, staff management and the implementation of policies and proceduresGOVERNANCE/COMPLIANCE:
Legal advice, support on admissions, health and safety, welfare and child protection and the handling of complaints
Strategic vision and system leadership through our teaching school, staff deployment, talent management and leadership development at all levels
Onsite and centralised technical expertise working together to provide functional, forward thinking support
Shared governance, links with the community, parents, carers and guardians, and the provision of consistent information and branding
Health and safety support, estates design and management, shared services management

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