Secondary Pledges

One of the Trust’s main strategies is to ensure that all young people are confident, employable and have the knowledge, confidence and skills to challenge received wisdom through a wide range of experiences and broad curriculum. We are acutely aware that this cannot be achieved solely in the classroom, which is why we introduced the Delta Pledges system.

All of our Secondary Academies encourage students to gain as many ‘pledges’ as they can throughout years 7 to 11. Students are given examples of how to complete each pledge, making all pledges attainable at every level, at every Academy.

Our pledges are designed in a way to develop and assist students in gaining rounded experiences both in and out of the Academy in order for them to become respectable, considerate and worthy members of their community.

Each pledge is designed to be achievable, regardless of background and/or ability in order to ensure that all students benefit from the same experiences and opportunities:

A list of the Delta Pledges used in Secondary Academies