What is Delta Academies Charitable Trust?

Did you know that Delta has its own charity to help students and pupils from all walks of life within their academies?

The Delta Academies Charitable Trust (DACT) awards grants to pupils/students who attend or have attended schools and academies within Delta Academies Trust and assists them in meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Pursuit of Excellence,
  • International Relations or
  • Enterprise.

The Charitable Trust’s objectives are to promote the development of lifelong learning by;

  • Advancing and enhancing the development and education of people of all ages and without distinction
  • Advancing the health and welfare of pupils and their families
  • Promoting community cohesion
  • Providing or assisting in the provision of recreation and leisure time activities
  • Working with schools in challenging circumstances.

The Charitable Trust is funded entirely by donations from companies, parents and by fundraising events held throughout the year.

DACT Company Number: 07082675, DACT Charity Number: 1136622