Delta Academies Trust aim to ensure high quality sustained performance and educational outcomes in all our academies.

We strive to ensure that outcomes in all Delta academies are above those for all similar groups of learners, from similar starting points nationally and that they continue in education, training or employment.

How we ensure that we meet our objectives:

Ensure that all academies have positive outcome measures.  Moreover, that achievement is above national and attainment is at or approaching national for combined and basic measures in Primary and Secondary.Ensure that, aspirant targets are set, tracking and active intervention takes place.  This will  be shared in an efficient and timely way with pupils, students, trust staff, board members, and wider stakeholders. 
Have in place high quality Schemes of Learning and resources for all stages of education.  Underpinning delivery of consistently high quality learning and reducing  staff workload.  These resources will include standardised low stakes assessments to support curriculum development, help identify and address misconceptions, and support the needs of all children Recruit, train and deploy expert practitioners (Directors) to support the work of academy staff and drive improvement; keeping the number and range of expertise under review.
Ensure that a range of metrics are in place to evaluate the quality of education and support improvement, e.g. engagement, attendance, and post 16/18 destination and participation rates