Procurement & Tender Opportunities


As part of the Trusts aims and objectives, we commit to operate a financially sustainable organisation, characterised by high value for money and a high quality learning environment. Part of this commitment is to ensure that we operate our procurement and tendering processes fairly and transparently.


Procurement is different to buying. Buying is done on a day-to-day basis as required, often from a contract put in place following a procurement process. Procurement is a strategic process that follows a clear pattern starting with identifying a need, right through to reviewing the delivery of
the contract and learning any lessons for future procurements.

Where we need to acquire goods, services or works that cannot be provided in house we procure those from external providers, which may be a local commercial supplier, a contractor, third sector supplier or another public sector body. Responsibility for the majority of procurement resides in each academy/core central services and must always ensure value for money.

In some DELTA ACADEMIES TRUST Procurement Strategy circumstances, the core team will procure on behalf of the whole Trust, in particular where the contract or purchase exceeds £50,000. This includes where a contract period exceeds more than 1 year and the value of the annual contract amount multiplied by the contract period exceeds £50,000.

Where relevant, contracts that involve the processing of personal data are reviewed for GDPR compliance and recorded on the Trust data processing

Competitive procurement remains the cornerstone of the Trust’s procurement approach but there will be circumstances where a direct contract with a sole supplier will be appropriate, for example where there is only one supplier of a particular service.

Our strategic priorities for procurement are:

To make procurement as straightforward as possible for the Trust and potential suppliers, in particular to improve access for local suppliers and SMEs and to eliminate anything that does not add value to the procurement process.
To continue to embed professional procurement and develop further contract management skills across the Trust, including providing training where necessary
To support and encourage an effective local supplier market, thus supporting the local communities of our academies. Ensuring local suppliers have opportunities, as appropriate to participate in tender exercises
To use sound procurement practices and innovative solutions to promote sustainability and value for money, making use of frameworks, collaboration and partnership
opportunities where applicable.