Star Quality: Laasya’s incredible musical talent

Having already played beautifully at the Headteacher’s conference, Laasya from Park View Primary Academy has now begun thrilling audiences with her own episode on a popular children’s TV show.

Laasya has the ability to memorise music just by listening to it, allowing her to play it. This is an outstanding talent and Laasya has been previously invited to the ‘Top 100 Global Child Prodigy 2020’ awards in India, after officials noticed her talent.

She recorded her first world record in 2017 aged four, after memorising and playing 50 xylophone songs in under 25 minutes. Just eight months later she achieved a second for memorising 85 songs and playing them on a piano in just 35 minutes.

“Just because it doesn’t make sense right away, doesn’t mean you have to quit”