Delta MFL Director Team welcomes second round of MLAs

Bienvenue encore une fois! ¡Bienvenido una vez más!

Delta Academies Trust is delighted to welcome the second group of this year’s French and Spanish Modern Language Assistants (MLAs). We have now met all 17 MLAs working across 15 of our secondary academies.

We are really looking forward to these native French and Spanish speakers enhancing the cultural capital of our students. As well as the invaluable language support they offer our classrooms, their real-life experiences make learning a language, in a Delta academy, even more exciting!

As with the October induction day, our two associate MFL Directors, Mr. Nick Germain and Mrs. Giusi Perseu, provided an insight into language teaching at Delta, the English education system and how to motivate and inspire our young people. It also gave this second group of MLAs an opportunity to meet each other and to share any experiences they already have about the UK.

As with the first induction day last month, this one was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Once again, Delta would like to wish all our MLAs a most memorable and successful year in our academies and in our country.