Future’s Day 2024

Over 40 organisations gathered in the Garforth Academy Sports Hall on Thursday (2nd May) for Futures Day.

This whole school careers event was a busy day for both students and guests. Students visited the careers fair one year group at a time; year 9, 10 and 12 students also heard from guest speakers during special Futures Day assemblies.

Our guests included a fantastic array of education, training and apprenticeship providers (including colleges and universities), and employers representing a range of sectors.

We asked the students: ‘What key thing/s did you learn during the event?’, responses include:

“There are more jobs in a sector than meets the eye” – Y9 Student

“How to speak to people” – Y7 Student

“Communication and teamwork are important in all jobs” – Y8 Student

“I have a lot of options after Y11” – Y10 student

“What grades I need to get into certain jobs” – Y11 Student

“To keep exploring every option” Y12 Student

“Helped me to think about what I might do with my degree choice. Gave me the thought of a Master’s Degree Apprenticeship in journalism after a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Literature” – Y12 Student

The students gave fantastic impressions of themselves and made the most of the opportunity; one guest commented:  Students were really engaged and asking excellent questions!”

We certainly think the event aim was achieved: to enable students to gather information, explore opportunities, be inspired, and develop questioning and listening skills through encounters with employers and employees. 

On behalf of the Garforth Academy students and staff, we wanted to say a massive thank you to all of the guests who gave up so much of their time and energy to make Futures Day the success it was.

“I just wanted to add my thanks to everyone for their support of this event. Careers Education is central to everything we do at Garforth Academy. We want to develop bright, intelligent students who are ready for the next stages of their lives when they leave us. Trying to give students access to the world of employment is very difficult with 2000 students! However, events like Futures Day means that we can have an impact on all students in one day. Whilst we acknowledge that there will always be a lot more to do to make students “workplace ready” this event is the foundation of this process and we really appreciate your support with this”

Vice Principal & Head of Sixth Form, Mark Newstead

We’d like to extend an extra special thank you to the guest speakers:

Y9 and Y10 Post 16 Options Assembly: Janet Clark (DWP Schools and College Advisor), Lucy Walker (York College), Anna Westmoreland (Heart of Yorkshire Education Group) and James and Molly (current Y12 students).

Y12 Post 18 Options Assembly: Jess Shearer (Huddersfield Uni), Chris Mullen (Edge Hill University), Lynda Beever (ASK Apprenticeships/West Yorkshire Apprenticeship Hub), and Dom and Beth (ex-Garforth Academy students).

For further information on the event or the wider careers programme please contact Lauren Llewellyn (Careers Lead) LlewellynL@Garforthacademy.org.uk 0113 2127116.