Hanson: Museum Boosts Learning

Over at Hanson Academy a new in-house museum has been created to aid students’ learning across a group of subjects.

The new space kicked of the year by taking students back to the 1960s and the evolution of everyday products over the years.

“The youth culture of the swinging sixties combined with an explosion of new materials (mainly plastics) led innovations in fashion and product design.”

Gemma Postings – Head of Design and Technology

Central to the exhibition is a girl in a Mary Quant-influenced outfit and a boy in a suit and a parka, both typical of the mid 1960s together with a Lambretta scooter.

“The exhibitions will change on a regular basis and should be able to support learning in other subjects such as RE, History, Art & Design etc…”

Gemma Postings – Head of Design and Technology

Alongside the featured displays, there are boxes on similar items that can be used in the classroom for a hands on approach to learning. The resources are open to all academies across the trust for use. The short term outcome of this mini museum is to have groups of students from different schools visit the museum and learn more about what their doing in class.

Bradford has been awarded the City of Culture 2025 and the museum hopes to shine a light on their diverse culture and getting students and their families involved with celebrating it’s heritage.

Any Trust academy who would like to make use of the museum resources should contact Gemma on postingsg@hanson.org.uk

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