Imagination Gaming: Learn to Play, Play to Learn

Delta Academies Trust proudly hosted the Imagination Gaming Maths event on 14th November 2023, showing our primary students how the fast-paced warm up gave students an enthusiastic start to the day.

Nigel, Founder of Imagination Gaming, kept the energy high throughout the entirety of the event and made it genuinely exciting for all the schools involved. It is a fully interactive event where the children can be completely hands-on with their learning and work with their classmates.

Year 5 students took part in a variation of different maths games that required them to work as a team.

The children loved the zombie game where 4 dice were rolled and the students had to work out how to get to the given number.

There was also a task that did not include a question where the year 5’s had to figure out the problem on their own, and then work out the answer.

Nigel Scarfe, Founder of Imagination Gaming

Nigel created Imagination Gaming to excite and encourage people to learn maths using games. His aim is to “Engage children in different ways to make them learn without realising”. Not only does Nigel work with primary school children, he works with alternative provision children, prisoners, and all other types of people with different backgrounds using his games as they are “ideal tools for pushing both learning outcomes and creativity, for developing self-confidence and social skills”.

It was evident that the students enjoyed themselves and they all gave positive and eager feedback about how their day was.

“Thank you for a fantastic day, lots of new ideas and fun ways to learn”

“It was amazing and we should do this every year”

“We enjoyed the teamwork and the fun learning”