The Lord Mayor of Leeds, Asghar Khan, visited Park View Primary Academy on July 5th. This visit was a trip down memory land for Asghar, who is a former pupil of Park View (then known as Cross Flatts Park Primary School).

He met with pupils, answered questions from the School Council, listened to the choir sing and planted a ceremonial tree during his visit, which was a great honour for pupils and teachers.

Before the visit, the gardening club were busy preparing school grounds to make sure everything was in perfect condition for the tree planting!

Asghar is the 127th Lord Mayor of Leeds and is an aspirational role model for pupils; he is an example of what self belief and dedication can achieve.

“I came to England as an 11-year-old boy, arriving at Heathrow Airport and not knowing a single word of English. I could never have imagined back then that I would later become the Lord Mayor of Leeds. I feel extremely proud of that journey. It has taken me from a working class background, through working as a postman to becoming Lord Mayor. It is an accolade I am delighted and blessed to have achieved. Acting as an ambassador for our city during my mayoral year will give me enormous pride.

Councillor Asghar Khan, after being elected Lord Mayor of Leeds on 20th May 2021.