Edward, a pupil from Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School, wrote a letter to David Attenborough asking for some advice on how to become a zoologist.

In response, Edward received a handwritten letter from Sir David Attenborough:

“Dear Edward,

To become a zoologist you need to learn all you can about animals. Perhaps you have pets? Maybe an aquarium. Then you need to think about taking science subjects at school when the time comes.

Best wishes,

David Attenborough”

Edward commented, “I didn’t expect a response from David Attenborough as he is a very busy man and receives, I think, about a 1000 letters a day. At first I thought it was some post for my mum, but she gave it back to me… I never get post. I opened it and I was so excited that he had handwritten a letter and responded to me. It was like a dream coming true!”

Class teacher, Miss Zubair, explains they have moved onto living things and their habitats in science and Edward has a huge fascination and curiosity for animals and living things. They have also been looking at letter writing in English. “Edward was a superstar and combined the two. I couldn’t believe it when he brought the letter to school. This shows how much impact David Attenborough and his amazing programmes have on pupils. This really has made Edward’s year. I think Edward could be the next David Attenborough”.