Melior Community Academy Named Sparx School of the Month!

A round of applause for Melior Community Academy! They have been chosen as the well-deserved winner of the Sparx Maths School of the Month competition for March.

In March alone, the academy saw a phenomenal 25 percentage point increase in assignment completion rates, soaring from 46% to a stellar 70%. Teacher engagement with the Sparx platform also witnessed a significant increase, with the percentage of homework assignments viewed in the Insights page by teachers jumping by 13 percentage points, climbing from 45% to a commendable 57%.

I am very proud of my Year 9 classes for completing 90% of Sparx homework throughout March. Great effort and attitude shown by all students in both classes.

A. Horton, Teacher at Melior

Standing out amongst hundreds of schools using Sparx, Melior Community Academy’s dedication to fostering a positive learning environment and maximising student success is truly commendable. Sparx, a personalised math homework platform designed for secondary schools, empowers both students and teachers with the tools and resources needed to excel.

I am unbelievably proud of my 10×2 class. They have really risen to the Sparx challenge this last half term by ensuring 100% of the class achieve 100% in their Sparx homework every week.

A. Stockdale, Head of Department at Melior

Sparx is a great site for students to complete their homework and to use for revision. The videos provided for each question are very useful. I like the way the difficulty of the questions varies depending on the level that students work at. It is easy to use and has a simple layout.

Sophie, Year 10

Sparx is an amazing maths resource which helps me complete my homework, with videos to assist if I am struggling. It has a multitude of topics for revision and questions vary in difficulty. It really helps as it gives the option to learn any topic, at any level of your choosing. Completing questions and reaching a certain level on the site gives a sense of accomplishment.

Darcey, Year 10

This recognition serves as a shining example of the transformative power of collaborative effort and innovative educational tools. By creating an engaging learning environment and embracing the potential of Sparx, Melior Community Academy is paving the way for a generation of mathematically empowered students.

Congratulations once again to Melior Community Academy on this well-deserved achievement!