Mersey: Festival Inspires Children

Earlier this summer, year 5 student at Mersey Primary Academy were given the opportunity to attend the first Festival of Science at Reckitt, a leading Hull business.

During the day, they took part in challenges and workshops at the £105 million science and innovation centre.

The festival aimed to showcase careers in science, technology and engineering by nurturing young people’s enthusiasm and inspiring them to become the scientists and industry leaders of tomorrow.

Dr Angela Naef, Chief research and development officer, stated that she was inspired to become a scientists when her parents bought her a microscope for Christmas.

“I’m so grateful I’ve been able to make science a job. My curiosity and interest started when I was your age. Believe in what you find interesting today.

You can take it into the future and do whatever you want to with it. It’s in your hands.”

Dr Angela Naef – Chief Research and Development Officer at Reckitt

The even took place in partnership with Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University (HEYCU). they took part in workshops and even got to meet some of the scientists.

One of the tasks they were faced with was to develop a new product or change an element of an existing Reckitt product. The winning duo were Violet and Amelia (both 10) for designing a ‘magic medicine lolly’

“Coming to Reckitt is an incredible opportunity for these children. As soon as they walked onto the site they were blown away by the size of it and asked lots of questions. They may never have thought about a career in science and experiences like this can change their whole future. It’s about igniting dreams and putting fire in their bellies.”

Rose James, HEYCU’s Chief Executive Officer

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