Project Success & Feedback – The Education Exchange

The Education Exchange was approached by the Regional Schools Commissioner to lead a project in providing school improvement support for The Brooksbank School in Calderdale.

Within a short timeframe, a team of education professionals with significant experience in rapid school improvement were allocated to support the school. The Education Exchange has a ever-growing network of professional friendships, meaning there is a vast amount of expert knowledge to be shared. By day three at Brooksbank, 25 education colleagues from numerous Trusts were available to review the school and offer their advice for school improvement.

The Education Exchange puts collaboration above competition, with the shared aim of improving student outcomes regardless of location.

“If you have spent any time in education, you realise that nobody knows it all. Working collaboratively with lots of other organisations and professionals within those just add strength.”

Andy Horracks, Subject Leader

“I’m just inspired by all that we’ve seen and heard, and the support that we’ve been given.”

Marrianne Baine, Chair of Governors

Feedback from Professional Partners of The Education Exchange:

“What you can see very quickly is the collaborative nature of The Education Exchange and bringing really high quality people together, who really know what to do and what they want to achieve. You’ve seen massive progress in a really relatively short space of time.”

Danny Armitage, Director of Operations | Together Learning Trust

“All I’ve found out about The Education Exchange so far has just been so so positive. I think the main message that I’ve got is way above just pure collaboration for the sake of collaboration. The idea that you’ve got a group of friends and real high quality professionals who are prepared to give, for all the right reasons, to make sure that the life chances and outcomes for young people in that single aim and working with really highly skilled, dedicated professionals. I’m already excited by the proposition of doing more collaboration with them. I’m blown away.”

David Lord, CEO | Together Learning Trust

Working collectively puts everybody in a much stronger position.

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