Simpson’s Lane: Teaming Up to Tackle Litter in the Community

Last month, Simpson’s Lane Academy hosted a successful collaborative project aimed at improving the school’s relationship with the wider community while tackling a shared concern – litter on the local estate.

Following feedback from residents, the academy joined forces with Wakefield District Housing (WDH) and local police officers to address the issue. Year 5 pupils, alongside dedicated staff members, actively participated in a litter-picking event, making a visible difference in the area.

This initiative extended beyond the clean-up. Students, along with the council, conducted an audit of the estate, identifying areas for further improvement.

The goal is to develop long-term solutions that ensure a cleaner and more welcoming environment for everyone.

Time to Warm Up

After all of their hard work, the Year 5s warmed up with a classic hot chocolate in the Community Centre after collecting 27 very full bags of litter.

It was a great way to finish the activity before heading back to the Academy for their indoor task.

Inspiring the Local Community Through Art

After cleaning up the local estate, pupils were then tasked with making posters to encourage people to stop littering which could be made into one big piece of artwork, showcasing their amazing collaboration with the community)

At Simpson’s Lane Academy, we have been looking at ways to help continue to build our relationship with the school community.

It was a fantastic day and the children were able to collect 27 overflowing bags of litter. We have already started to look at the next projects we can do in collaboration with the council in the coming months.

Lee Colley, Head of Academy at Simpson’s Lane