Talented Year 9 Twins Complete Entire HegartyMaths Platform

Year 9 Set 1 twins, Veda and Vidita, from De Lacy Academy in Knottingley have completed HegartyMaths in its entirety.

The online platform, designed to aid students with their Maths skills and knowledge, has 8000 questions to complete and tests 925 skills. Veda and Vidita, 13 years of age, have successfully completed every area with a score of 100%. Collectively, they have completed 21,208 questions over 560 hours.

Chris McCall, Associate Executive Principal commented:

“It is an incredible achievement for any student to complete HegartyMaths. However, to have two Year 9 students do so, especially students who have been at the Academy for less than a year, is absolutely amazing”. 

The girls said they were “very happy” to be acknowledged for their efforts and have high hopes for their futures. They both would like to be doctors, neurologists, or cardiologists.

Almost 2 million students have been granted access to HegartyMaths since its launch in 2016, with only 175 students completing the full programme. However, only 26 students have completed the programme by Year 9. So far this year, only 8 students have accomplished this, with Veda and Vidita making up two of those.

Head of Maths at De Lacy, John Cassells, states the girls didn’t realise how much they had accomplished, and they should be very proud of themselves. “They are two very quiet girls, who didn’t start with us until November last year, meaning they’ve been with us less than a year!”; it’s a huge achievement in such a short space of time.

Veda and Vidita have received certificates from Mr Hegarty himself and he has sent them a personalised video to congratulate them on their achievements.

If this wasn’t enough, last year Vidita was Number 1 and Veda was Number 2 in the world for scores and progress on Languagenut. These girls have got the dedication, talent, and motivation for very bright and successful futures.