The Parks Primary Academy Soars to ‘Outstanding’!

The Parks Primary Academy, in Hull, is celebrating an “Outstanding” rating from Ofsted inspectors. This accolade shines a spotlight on an academy where kindness, ambition, and academic excellence flourish under the leadership of Mike McGrath, Head of Academy, and the supportive guidance of Delta Academies Trust.

From the joyous buzz of Early Years to the confident strides of Year 6, inspectors witnessed an “exceptionally ambitious curriculum” for all children. Pupils are genuinely enthusiastic in their lessons, where they are both challenged and nurtured. “Children get off to a flying start in the early years,” the report notes, praising the focus on communication skills and the well-structured phonics programme that propels young minds towards literary adventures.

Reading is just the first chapter in The Parks Primary Academy’s story. Throughout the curriculum, from the class debates around historical sources to the thought-provoking discussions on environmental impact, pupils are treated as inquisitive explorers rather than passive recipients of knowledge. Teachers, described as “highly skilled” and “knowledgeable,” act as expert guides, crafting lessons that build upon prior learning and ensure lasting retention.

This commitment to individualised learning extends beyond the core curriculum. “Every child is seen as unique”, highlighting the academy’s exceptional support for pupils with special educational needs and/or disadvantages. Tailored support plans, clear assessment procedures, and a culture of understanding ensure that every pupil flourishes.

Pupils are empowered to become responsible citizens, actively shaping their world. Working with councillors to improve the local environment or meeting with employers to explore career paths are just a glimpse into the enriching activities that fuel personal development. “Pupils model tolerance and respect”, recognising the academy’s dedication to fostering a community of compassion and understanding.

This dedication resonates with parents who, like one who described the staff as ‘”amazing,” wholeheartedly endorse the academy’s vision. The strong partnership between academy and community is further evidenced by the inviting atmosphere where pupils proudly present their learning, showcasing the outcomes of their academic journey.

The Ofsted report is a resounding success for The Parks Primary Academy’s dedication to nurturing not just academic excellence, but well-rounded, confident individuals prepared to tackle the world with kindness, curiosity, and a thirst for knowledge.

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