World Book Day at Simpson’s Lane

Wow! What a fantastic turn out of characters we had for World Book Day. The children were absolutely amazing and celebrated World Book Day in style. This year’s World Book Day theme was ‘You are a Reader’ and every child showed off how far they have come on their reading journey. It was also the day we opened the new EYFS and Key Stage 1 library for all of the children in the academy to see for the first time. To celebrate the launch of the new library, we paired all the classes up so that the older children got the chance to read to and listen to a younger pupil read. The children were brilliant and didn’t want to leave. It was also the launch of the opening of the EYFS/Key Stage 1 library and the Key Stage 2 library during lunch times. Both libraries had a great turn out with the new Junior Librarians doing a great job on their first day in the role.  

Here are just some of the many things the children had to say about World Book Day: 

‘The new library was so amazing. I never wanted to leave!’ 

Leah (Year 2)

 ‘I really liked going through the doors into the library, sitting in the Gruffalo area and listening to some of the younger children read.’


Neveah (Year 5)

‘I would give World Book Day Infinity out of 10 rating for today and the new library!’ 

Fabian (Year 2)

‘I liked the castle and inside the woods because it reminded me of different books I have read.’ 

Noah (Year 6)

‘I thought it was really wonderful and would be very useful for the children’s education.’ 

Logan (Year 6)

​  ‘I like the new changes around the school because it has changed the way we learn.‘ 

Tyler (Year 3)